Building & Grounds Committee

Building & Grounds Committee (B&G): At the request of the Board of Governors, the B&G Committee periodically inspects the Quail Run site for problems that need to be addressed by the Association. This may include issues with site vendors such as landscaping, snow plowing, painting, building maintenance, road conditions, etc. Residents who notice an EXTERIOR problem should report the issue to Brooke Hardy, at [email protected], or by phone at 781-533-7244.

Building & Grounds Committee Members:

Dick DiBuono, Chairman 3F Strawberry
Klaus Schneller, BOG Liason 8D Strawberry


Mike Bleecker 1E Autumn
Libby Brown 1G Autumn
Ron Chiasson 11E Autumn
Joe Lalli 11F Autumn
Cathy Bernhardt 11C Autumn
David Bernhardt 11C Autumn
Roger Gagne 2A Rotherham
David Mercer 6C Rotherham
Charlie Bossio 1G Strawberry
Joanne Frank 3B Strawberry
Lee Jacobs 5D Strawberry
John DeRusha 8A Strawberry
Klaus Schneller 8D Strawberry
Susan Bohall 8F Strawberry