BOG Meetings

Two bi-annual open meetings are held each year in the Community Center. These meeting are open to all unit owners. They are:

The Annual Meeting which is held in May. This is when new Board members are elected as well as a review of the Association finances and goals for the year.

The Annual Budget Meeting that’s held in December. This meeting is to review the next year’s budget along with the accomplishments of the current year.

All unit owners will be notified in advance with the specific dates and other important information for these two meetings.

All unit owners are welcome to attend the monthly Board meetings and listen to the proceedings. The date and time of the meetings are posted several weeks in advance of the scheduled monthly meeting on the Quail Run web site.

If as a unit owner you have an item to bring before the Board, please contact a Board member or the property manager one week prior to the scheduled monthly Board meeting so the request may be put on the agenda. Be sure to include the subject and nature of your request. Based on the request, the Board may approve or deny the request at the time of presentation or take the request under advisement for further discussion/investigation.