Email Policy

Quail Run Email Distribution Policy

The purpose of the policy is to provide information of general and local interest as well as that   specifically related to Quail Run residents.

Email to residents will be limited to:

  • Information from the Board of Governors.
  • Information from the Town of Hudson and town sponsored groups, e.g., Senior Center.
  • Announcements that are time sensitive, e.g., The Town of Hudson will be repaving Causeway Street
  • Items that may be approved by the Chairperson of the Communications Committee.

Emails should not involve political messages, fund raising, or donation requests.

Emails will be sent out using blind copies which cannot be used as a reply all.

Requests to send out emails from residents or other groups must meet the following guidelines:

  • All messages must be signed and dated.
  • No inappropriate language, profanity, or pornography will be allowed.
  • No statements that could be considered slanderous or libelous will be allowed.
  • No business promotion topics are allowed. Vendor recommendations should be sent to the Quail Runner Newsletter editor, for listing under Tradesmen Recommendations.

Messages that are brief and concise are encouraged. The Quail Run Email Communications person will review all email messages to enforce these rules. Any message that does not conform to these rules will be deleted.

If you have questions, comments, or opinions that you would like to express about this policy, contact Donna Milot:

Donna Milot
Email: [email protected]
Policy as of January 2024